Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury

Kurland Spa: No more luxury, just a necessity

In our time, stress, anxiety and worry about the future intensify due to the special conditions we all experience. The need for relaxation and calm of body and soul is more important than ever.

Each of us can with small everyday things that he does to ensure to some extent his mental balance. Like reading a book or walking in nature. However, we will always need something more to achieve the best possible result.

Kurland Spa, the ideal haven of relaxation and tranquility

And this something more can be offered by KurlandSpa. It is, perhaps, the most ideal refuge for relaxation and tranquility. Where no external stimuli reach. That is why spas are no longer a luxury, but a valuable essential service for modern man.

Visit Kurland Spa, the environment of calm, serenity and discretion. Here you will find the coveted relaxation and help in order to put aside the problems and worries of everyday life.

At the same time, a therapeutic massage, in addition to the rejuvenation it will offer you, will remove physical pain and discomfort due to the fatigue and suffering of your body.

Unique services for a good quality of life

Kurland Spa is also a valuable ally of your mental health, while therapeutic massages and other services it offers (body, face, beauty treatments, etc.) detoxify the body, stimulate the circulatory system, improve respiratory and sleep quality. relieve pain and discomfort and generally give you a well-being absolutely necessary to have a good quality of life.

It is a common secret that mental health is an important shield of the body against the serious diseases of the body that threaten it every day.

Boost your confidence, stay creative

On the other hand, the confidence and well-being offered by the unique experience of a spa are invaluable, especially at a time when social isolation due to pandemic conditions is burdening both body and soul.

The good mood that ensures a relaxing and therapeutic massage at Kurland Spa is a basic guarantee of a daily life that must be creative, productive, but also enjoyable.

So “listen” to the needs of your body and give it the opportunity for a therapeutic restart enjoying the unique benefits offered to the body by the therapeutic services of Kurland Spa. Today is the best time to do it…

Kurland Spa
348 Kifissias Ave
152 33 Chalandri,
“Bergmann Kord” Building
(Opposite “HYGEIA” Hospital)

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