Kaiserbad (Cleopatra’s Bath)

Kaiserbad (Cleopatra’s Bath)

Luxury bath in imperial style, where in a specially designed and private space, with a uniquely relaxing atmosphere, away from the noises and tensions of everyday life, you have the opportunity to revive the Bath of the King or Cleopatra.

Enjoy our unique therapeutic proposal, which you shape according to your needs and mood.

At the same time, while treating and moisturizing your skin, relax by enjoying a glass of excellent sparkling wine with seasonal fruits, under the discreet candlelight.

Indulge in a magical journey of forgotten senses and let your mind travel to images and emotions that you thought were lost…

You can choose between:


  • Romantic Kaiserbad

Jasmine essential oil, ylang-ylang, odorless goat’s milk, all ideal for the romantic atmosphere of Kaiserbad! Experience the incredible feeling of a hydrated skin, relax, feel well and rejuvenated!

from 30,00 € to 60,00 € (1 to 2 people – Duration 30 ′ – 50 ′)


  • Detox Kaiserbad

Lemon slices, lemongrass essential oil and green tea detoxify the body, whiten the skin and renew your mood!

from € 30.00 to € 60.00 (1 to 2 people – Duration 30 ‘- 50’)


  • Sparkling Bath

Our favorite bath is enhanced with iridescent salts and passion fruit aromas and we invite you to relax like royalty with freshly cut fruits, chocolate and wine!

from € 30.00 to € 60.00 (1 to 2 people – Duration 30 ‘- 50’)

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