Why Kurland Spa


In ancient Sumerian mythology, Kurland meant “country”. At the same time it meant “energy” in the form of the first dragon ever to appear on earth. Today, Kurland Spa offers you the energy you need to strengthen your defenses and conquer the coveted physical and mental uplift.

Kurland Spa in Athens, were created to offer holistic Wellness and body and face care services.

In a unique environment, the evocative atmosphere of the scented candles meets the relaxing music and the decoration with elements of the Far East.

The body is discharged, detoxified and the spirit relaxes from the fatigue of the past day or the obligations that follow.


Kurland Spa in Chalandri, offers a wide range of services such as Facial Therapies, Body Therapies, Massage, Limb Care, etc. They also offer specially designed Spa programs, individually or for couples.

Kurland Spa therapists will listen to your needs and then offer you personalized offers for Affordable Packages or gifts for your loved ones.

They will also give you suggestions for treatments that will help you get the results you want.

Contact Kurland Spa today to book your appointment in safe, clean and tidy places. Visit our pages where you can immediately, quickly and easily, buy Gift Vouchers for your loved ones!