The primary concern of the staff is to promote your Good Health and Wellness in a safe and protected environment. The people of Kurland Spa take care of every last detail so that all this experience in the area will be unforgettable.

With this principle as a basic guideline, but also with the utmost respect for the procedures and functions of KurlandSpa, you are now ready to start your magical journey.

Kurland Spa is located in the Bergmann Kord building, opposite the Health Hospital.


There is underground parking in the building, which is offered to you free of charge. You just leave your car in the basement, giving the key to our staff, who will take care of its movement, then we will welcome you on the ground floor of the building.


For the smooth flow of appointments and for your best service, please arrive 10 από earlier than your scheduled appointment.

The first time you visit the site, you will be asked to fill out the forms with your personal details, which will relate to your medical history, so that you are completely safe.

At the same time, you will be completely safe in matters concerning the protection of your personal data.

Locker room

Entering the Spa area, please set your mobile phone to silent mode, while at the same time it would be good to have conversations in a low voice. In this way you contribute to the relaxing environment of the space.

You are provided with the necessary clothing, slippers, bathrobe, towel and disposable underwear, while a closet is available to store your personal belongings.

We recommend that you avoid valuables and expensive items (in case of loss KurlandSpa bears no responsibility). We promise you unforgettable moments of relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being.