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IMPORTANT NOTES for your Online Orders. 
  1. In the case of Gift Card for different recipients, the procedure should be repeated separately for each recipient.
  2. Once you select “Create a Personal Account” you will be able to view the  ENTIRE History of your Orders (Gift Vouchers you have chosen in the past, Gift Vouchers on hold, WishList, etc.).
  3. Οι “Payment Methods” are mentioned in detail during the process of completing your Electronic Transaction.
  4. The receipt – sending of the Gift Card is done with its payment. In case you choose to pay at the premises of Kurland Spa, please inform the Customer Reception.
  5. Gift Certificate Duration: 12 months. After the expiration of 12 months, the Gift Card is not valid and is canceled.
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Ένα θέμα που θα σε ενδιαφέρει: "Flame"
Σύνδεσμος: https://www.kurlandspa.gr/en/spa/gift-cards/flame/